Senator Van Drew Highlighted as Tax Cutter by Opposing Party : News Room : The Van Drew Team for Change : Jeff Van Drew, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land

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Senator Van Drew Highlighted as Tax Cutter by Opposing Party


COURT HOUSE — The Van Drew Team’s efforts to provide middle-class families with a 10 percent cut in their property taxes has been noticed by state Republicans, who have now taken to promoting Senator Jeff Van Drew’s independence in their own advertising.

In multiple campaign mail pieces being sent around statewide, the Republican State Committee has been citing a news article in which Van Drew forcefully advocates for the 10 percent property tax cut under the headline, “Van Drew agrees with Christie on tax cut proposal.”

“This is going to help real folks,” said Van Drew in the April news account. “This is a tax cut proposal that would benefit working people. I’m very supportive of it, and have been since the governor initially proposed it.”

In addition, Van Drew was joined by Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Bob Andrzejczak in supporting the governor’s recent balanced state budget, which included no tax hikes. Albano and Andrzejczak are also joining with Van Drew in urging swift passage of the 10 percent property tax cut, so residents can receive that relief as soon as possible.

“Residents need this relief and they need it now,” said Albano. “I’m proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Jeff and the thousands of South Jersey residents who want this property tax relief without delay.”

“My job is to ensure that South Jersey remains affordable for our middle-class families, so they can stay here, raise their families here, and retire here,” said Andrzejczak. “This team is not going to give up until we get the job done.”