Small Business and New Jersey's Future : News Room : The Van Drew Team for Change : Jeff Van Drew, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land

November 12, 2019 by No Comments



Small Business and New Jersey’s Future


It didn’t take long, after being first elected to the state Assembly two years ago, for me to come to the conclusion that if state government is ever going to pull itself out of the deep fiscal hole in which it finds itself, the administration and Legislature must take the steps necessary to run the statehouse more like a business. I came to Trenton, and am returning for a second two years, with what I consider a unique skill set – as the owner and CEO of a successful business in Vineland. The opportunity to bring my business expertise to Trenton was one of the most important reasons I ran for elected office and the same applies this time around. That approach is fully supported by my 1st District colleagues, Senator Jeff Van Drew and Assemblyman Nelson Albano, both of whom I have worked hard with, and with whom I will continue to work to change the way the administration and the Legislature does business. The operative word here is business, more specifically small business. For too long, the state has made it too difficult for small businesses to survive in New Jersey, much less thrive, by burdening the hard working, tax paying, job creating owners with unnecessarily harsh and costly taxes and a regulatory system badly in need of both short term and long term reform. Senator Van Drew, Assemblyman Albano and I have been saying clearly and publicly for months that the state must slow down the number of its new rules, regulations and other requirements that affect the owners of small businesses. Because if that doesn’t happen, these businesses will continue to disappear by either shutting their doors and putting their employees on the street, or moving their businesses to other states where the state governments understand their importance and provide a business-friendly environment. It’s really as simple as creating incentives for small businesses and reducing the regulatory and bureaucratic burdens they are forced to bear. It’s equally as easy as understanding the importance of our small businesses that significantly help stimulate the economic activity by creating additional revenue and promoting job retention and creation that is so important to our state. Putting it another way, no matter what the issues are that occupy our time and energy – be they related to healthcare, public safety, education, the needs of the most vulnerable, or anything else – nothing can move the state forward if we don’t get our fiscal house in order, including a more helpful, business-friendly approach to that which our small businesses need, not only to exist but to flourish, instead of penalizing their hard work and sacrifice. Only by doing so, I believe, will our children and grandchildren have an opportunity and a desire to live and work and thrive in New Jersey.

Just as Senator Van Drew and Assemblyman Albano do, I have an open door policy for businesspersons who have ideas for creating a better business environment. I will share with you the suggestions I have already heard from my meetings with several Chambers of Commerce in Cumberland, Cape May and Atlantic counties I have had to get a better sense of what the business community needs and wants from Trenton, and I will continue to seek out and value input from those who have ideas to share with me. We all should have a common purpose – positive changes that will lead to a better future.