Van Drew, Albano Oppose In-State Tuition and Driver's License Benefits for Illegal Immigrants : News Room : The Van Drew Team for Change : Jeff Van Drew, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land

November 12, 2019 by No Comments



Van Drew, Albano Oppose In-State Tuition and Driver’s License Benefits for Illegal Immigrants


Today Senator Jeff Van Drew, Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam expressed their strong opposition to charging illegal undocumented immigrants “in state” college rates and also opposed the proposal to allow them to obtain driver’s license. “We have constituents that can not afford to go to college because we have reduced funding to higher education and NJ Stars. We have constituents that have a difficult time getting their driver’s license because they can’t find their marriage license for their 6th point. How can we treat our residents who were born and raised in the United States of America one way and then make it easier for undocumented illegal immigrants to get an education and a license? This doesn’t make any sense. If people want to get a license and go to school at in state tuition rates they should become legal documented citizens of this country and state,” said Van Drew. “We can not reward illegal activity and punish those that live and work here legally — that is exactly what these proposals do. These privileges are meant for people that live in our state legally,” said Albano.

“We need to start working on making life easier for our legal residents not undocumented illegal immigrants, it’s not fair. If people want the benefits of being a resident they need to legally become a resident,” said Milam.