Van Drew and Andrzejczak help restore local veteran grave sites : News Room : The Van Drew Team for Change : Jeff Van Drew, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land

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Van Drew and Andrzejczak help restore local veteran grave sites


COURT HOUSE – In 2012 Joe Griffies of Rio Grande, along with additional local veterans and concerned citizens, approached Sen. Jeff Van Drew, Assemblyman Nelson Albano, and Assemblyman Sgt. Robert Andrzejczak, (all D1st) regarding the upkeep of some local cemeteries.

These cemeteries are the final resting spot for many of local veterans who had the courage and bravery to honorably make the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. With the help of The Home Depot, and the work they provide to veterans, many hands joined together to begin to fix this problem.

“These individuals deserve much more than to just be buried and forgotten about. That is why many have refused to allow that to happen,” stated Van Drew in a release.

Boy Scouts are invited each year to help the Cape May County American Legion to place flags and wreaths on graves of veterans to honor them for their sacrifice.

As the years continue to pass, and the site remains un-kept, tombstones become harder to find. Grass is growing over three feet tall. and many American Legion members have stated they can only find the graves when stepped upon because they are too hidden and unkempt.

When the senator and assemblymen were made aware of that tragedy they immediately felt the need to assist in any way possible. They facilitated talks between many organizations that they believed could help the cleanup process and to restore dignity to these grave sites.

“When I was made aware of this, I was in utter shock. I could not believe that this had happened. These veterans deserve a final resting spot, one that truly honors their commitment and dedication to this great nation,” stated Van Drew. “That is why my assembly colleagues and I have worked with The Home Depot to come up with a strategy that can be employed to recognize these service members the way they warrant.”

“These service members do not deserve this. It is hard to fathom that it could get to this point where we need to have people to step in. I know Senator Van Drew, Assemblyman Sgt. Andrzejczak, and I will not stop working until we have corrected this issue,” stated Albano.

“These cemeteries which house our nation’s veterans need to be taken care of in accordance with the dignity that these service members have earned through their sacrifices to this nation. We cannot allow such dignified individuals to be laid to rest and then forgotten about,” stated Andrzejczak.