Van Drew Team Supports Veterans at Walk for the Wounded : News Room : The Van Drew Team for Change : Jeff Van Drew, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land

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Van Drew Team Supports Veterans at Walk for the Wounded


Dozens of wounded war vets descended on the Ocean City boardwalk, for more then a stroll. “I joined the military in 2005, I was blown up in 2009,” says Sgt. BobAndrzejczak.Sgt Bob Andrzejczak, was joined by veterans, veteran advocates, and many others were on the Ocean City boardwalk Saturday, to take a walk for the wounded. “The support of our veterans has to be more than words, it has to be in actions, it has to be real, and it has to be tangible,” explains Sen. Jeff Van Drew. Sgt. Andrzejczak who is also an Assemblyman for the first legislative district, like many of these wounded war vets suffered an injury during war…which cost him his leg. “I served my country proudly. Unfortunately that was taken from me early, so coming home and getting this opportunity, I feel like I still get to serve but in a different aspect,” explains Assemblyman Andrzejczak. Participants raised money for Operation First Response, the non–profit organization that sponsors this walk, and provides financial and moral support to families of wounded war vets. “90 cents out of every dollar goes to operation first response and then they allocate the monies to the various families depending on their needs,” explains organizer Steve Brady. “This is a program where we can go back to our heroes, to our veterans to our wounded warriors and say thank you for what you have done,” says Assemblyman Nelson Albano. For wounded veterans like Assemblyman Andre, this walk not only serves as a way to raise funds and awareness about our veterans, but also serves as a therapeutic moment for them to hear each other’s stories. “Hearing men and women coming back and suffering the same way I did, it really makes me want to reach out with a helping hand and do what I can,” explains Assemblyman Andrzejczak. Doing everything they can to help those, willing to give everything they have.